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Ekaadashi Security & Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed organization in Uttar Pradesh having head office in Kanpur, to provide man power to government departments as well as private sectors and dealing with a number of clients on national level.
To carry on the business consultancy of providing Manpower and recruiting, Selecting, Interviewing, Training and Employing all types of executives, Middle Management staff, Junior Level Staff, Workers, Labourers Skilled/Unskilled required by various industries and organizations including providing security services, Labour contractors, Industrial, Commercial, Housing and other security services and workers for office management and to conduct employment bureau and provide consultancy and other services in connection with requirements of persons and manpower supply in India and abroad.

Yoga Service

Yoga is a system of holistic living, having the roots in Indian tradition and culture. Evolved thousands of years back by the Rishis, Yoga techniques are being widely used for meeting the changing health care needs of mankind. Yoga has attracted global attention in recent years. The awareness about Yogic practices is increasing among people from different walks of life, not only for preservation and promotion of health, but also for the management of various diseases. Many Yoga experts and Medical Professionals have been advocating Yogic lifestyle intervention for the prevention and management of stress induced, psychosomatic and lifestyle related disorders, it is felt that the Yoga facility should be propagated at a mass level to more and more people adhering to the classical knowledge, so that people involved in Yoga stream can derive maximum benefits.

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